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5 Reasons Why to Choose Residential Assisted Living Over Nursing Homes

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

For seniors who need assistance with daily living activities, moving to an assisted living facility can be an excellent option. However, choosing between a small assisted living home and a large assisted living facility can be a challenging decision. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, there are several reasons why a small assisted living home may be a better choice for some seniors.

  1. More Personalized Care: In a small assisted living home, the caregiver-to-resident ratio is typically lower than in a large facility. This means that residents receive more personalized care and attention, and caregivers are better able to get to know each resident on a personal level. As a result, residents are more likely to receive the care they need, and their caregivers can be more responsive to their individual needs and preferences.

  2. Homelike Environment: Small assisted living homes often have a homelike atmosphere that can make residents feel more comfortable and relaxed. With a smaller number of residents, there is usually less noise and activity, and residents can enjoy a quieter and more peaceful environment. This can be especially beneficial for seniors who are more introverted or who have conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer's, where a quiet environment can be more beneficial for their wellbeing.

  3. Greater Flexibility: In a small assisted living home, there is often greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling and meal planning. With fewer residents to cater to, caregivers can be more accommodating when it comes to meal times and other routines. Additionally, a small assisted living home may be better equipped to handle unexpected changes or requests, such as accommodating special diets or adjusting medication schedules.

  4. Stronger Sense of Community: A small assisted living home can foster a stronger sense of community among its residents. With fewer people living in the home, it can be easier for residents to get to know one another, share experiences and stories, and form close relationships. This can be particularly important for seniors who may feel isolated or lonely in a larger facility.

  5. Family-Like Environment: Small assisted living homes often have a family-like atmosphere, where caregivers and residents form close relationships and bonds. This can create a sense of belonging and comfort for residents, as they feel like they are part of a close-knit community. For seniors who may be leaving their own homes and families, this can be an important factor in helping them feel at ease and at home.

In conclusion, while there are certainly benefits to choosing a large assisted living facility, a small assisted living home may be a better option for some seniors. With more personalized care, a homelike environment, greater flexibility, a stronger sense of community, and a family-like atmosphere, a small assisted living home can provide a supportive and nurturing environment for seniors in need of assistance.

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