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Fidget Boards: A Simple Yet Effective Tool for Senior Mental Stimulation and Relaxation

As we age, it's important to maintain mental and physical stimulation to promote brain function and overall well-being. For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's, this is especially important. One way to promote mental stimulation and relaxation is through the use of a fidget board. In this blog post, we'll explain what a fidget board is, how it can benefit seniors, and how to make one yourself.

What is a Fidget Board? A fidget board (also known as a Busy Board) is a tactile tool that provides sensory stimulation through the use of different textures and items. The board is typically made of wood or plastic and includes a variety of items that can be manipulated, such as gears, switches, and knobs. Fidget boards can be customized to include items that appeal to the individual's interests, such as miniature musical instruments or sports equipment. Benefits for Seniors, especially those with dementia: Fidget boards can be extremely helpful for seniors, especially those with dementia. The sensory stimulation provided by the board can help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve focus. For seniors with dementia, fidget boards can provide a sense of purpose and engagement, promoting cognitive function and reducing agitation.

Making a DIY Fidget Board

Making a fidget board is relatively easy and can be done with simple materials. Here's how to make one yourself:


  • A wooden or plastic board

  • A variety of items for manipulation (e.g., gears, switches, knobs, zippers, buttons)

  • Adhesive (e.g., glue, double-sided tape)


  1. Select a wooden or plastic board of appropriate size and shape.

  2. Select a variety of items for manipulation, ensuring that they are safe and secure for use.

  3. Arrange the items on the board in a visually appealing and functional manner.

  4. Use adhesive to secure the items to the board, ensuring that they are securely fastened.

  5. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly before using the fidget board.

Items to include on a fidget board can vary, depending on the individual's interests and needs.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Gears of different sizes

  • Light switches or toggle switches

  • Door locks or latches

  • Zippers or buttons

  • Velcro strips or fasteners

  • Beads or textured materials

In conclusion, a fidget board is a simple yet effective tool that can provide sensory stimulation and relaxation for seniors, especially those with dementia. Making a fidget board is easy and can be customized to include items that appeal to the individual's interests. Consider making a fidget board for your loved one to promote mental stimulation and well-being.

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